WALKTHROUGH: See Why Everyone's Making Such A Big Fuss Over Facebook's New App centre

app centre facebook f

launched their App centre last night.

App centre isn’t a traditional app store like the one on your iPhone or Android phone. Instead, when you select an app on Facebook and send it to your smartphone, you’re redirected to either the Apple App Store or Google Play store to download it.

Think of App centre as a recommendation engine, not a store.

The App centre is available on Facebook’s website, but instead of making you download another separate app, Facebook added the App centre to the sidebar of the current iOS and Android Facebook apps.

App centre is currently stocked with 600 apps that Facebook has deemed worthy of its promotion.

Visit the Facebook App centre now by heading here.

This is the web version of the app store. There are a lot of games in here.

You'll receive a notification on your phone. Slide across to download the app.

Now you're taken to the App Store. You can download the app from there. It's already integrated with Facebook.

App centre apps that you download can then be found on the sidebar of the original Facebook app.

Here's the popular VEVO music app. Since it already has a Facebook app, you can either view videos in your browser or take the experience mobile.

Facebook web apps haven't changed visually. They're just now all easier to find.

Here's the Hulu app page. This one just takes you directly to the Hulu site.

The app store can also be accessed on your phone.

You can only filter by a few categories for now.

Here are some more apps.

Facebook of course lists their own page of apps in the app centre.

You can also view apps on the web by Top Rated, Trending, and Top Grossing. That's useful when you want to find the most popular apps. You can also view apps your Facebook friends are using, which makes it a lot easier to discover new apps.

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