Even President Obama Knows Facebook Is Less Cool Now

President Obama happened to sit down in a cafe near Atlantic writer Robinson Meyer.

Meyer wrote a hilarious recount of the experience. He noted that the president’s hands “feel like the rough surface of your favourite baseball.”

While sitting near Obama, Meyer did his best to eavesdrop. The only thing he really heard, other than the fact that Michelle Obama now watches Scandal, was a tidbit about Facebook.

Apparently Obama has noticed that some people are using it less and they’re joining apps like Snapchat instead.

Here’s the conversation, as relayed by Meyer:

The president said something — I could not hear all of it — about new social media apps that were for messaging, new apps that only somethingsomething’d for eight seconds.

“Snapchat,” said one of the young people.

The president made a comment about how different apps were now popular. Someone — it might have been the president — said the word “Instagram.”

I guess that they were talking about the difficulty of doing political outreach on Snapchat or one of this newer, less textual ilk? I’m not sure. Then the president drops this:

“It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore,” he said.

Facebook is so uncool even the president of the United States knows it.

Meyer isn’t exactly sure which “they” Obama was referring to, but he assumes it was the 18-34 year-old demographic that’s reportedly leaving Facebook in droves.

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