Facebook And Instagram Are Back After An Outage Affecting Users Around The World

Both Facebook and Instagram went down for about 40 minutes this afternoon affecting users around the world.

They were returning this message.

Instagram tweeted it was working on a fix. Twitter was working fine.

Users were also reporting issues with Hipchat and Tinder.

#Facebookdown was the top trending hashtag in Australia and the world.

Gizmodo Australia reports there’s a massive online attack currently underway against servers in the United States.

Attack traffic seems to be coming mainly from within the US, as well as China and Brazil — likely from compromised home and business PCs infected with some kind of virus and slaved into a botnet.

These PCs will be sending junk requests through HTTP and other Internet protocols towards the servers of Facebook, Instagram et al, driving them offline with the sheer volume of data.

No one has taken responsibility for the attacks yet but don’t expect South Australian Police to investigate what’s going on.

More to come.

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