7 Months Later, Facebook Is Still Trying To Persuade General Motors To Advertise Again

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Facebook’s Everson

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Facebook has still not persuaded General Motors to begin advertising on its platform again, seven months after the car company famously yanked its $10 million budget from the company prior to its IPO in May.But vp/global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson says she expects Facebook’s relationship with GM to “be in a better place soon.” She’s meeting with GM executives personally to mend the partnership.

Facebook and GM couldn’t have split under more bizarre circumstances.

Just days before Facebook went public, with the company stuck defenseless in its SEC-enforced “quiet period,” it was leaked that former GM marketing chief Joel Ewanick had fired Facebook from his media plan because, he believed, Facebook advertising didn’t work.

Then Ewanick himself was canned by the automaker after it alleged that he had tried to conceal the total size of a $560 million sponsorship of Manchester United.

GM has since reshuffled its marketing client ranks — leaving Everson and her staff in the position of reintroducing themselves to America’s second-biggest advertiser.

We asked Everson, at our Ignition 2012 conference, how it was going with GM. Here’s what she said:

BI: Some people spend money on Facebook and they are, like, “I didn’t get the results I wanted.” General Motors most famously.

CE: We have talked a lot about General Motors, and what I can say to you is that it wasn’t necessarily about ads don’t work on Facebook, it was about whether or not their strategy on Facebook was the right strategy. And we are working very hard to get that in a better place than it was.

JE: Are they back?

CE: They’re not spending right now. They are very eager to be at the table speaking with us.

JE: Can you give us anymore detail on what on earth that incident was about?

CE: No. I personally have seen GM executives over the last couple of months, I’ve been to Detroit, and there is a new CMO for General Motors in Canada who’s a very big Facebook supporter. There’s Facebook supporters at GM throughout the world, so I’m confident this situation is going to be in a better place soon.

Disclosure: The author owns Facebook stock.