This Lone Inventor Claims Facebook, LinkedIn, And Amazon Stole His Patent

mark zuckerberg facebook
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

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A Tennessee company that apparently exists just to file lawsuits claims Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn infringed its patents for targeted banner ads.B.E. Technology, founded by Martin David Hoyle of Destrehan, La., filed suit against the three companies on Friday.

Jeff John Roberts of tech site GigaOm, who posted the suit online, called BE a patent troll – a company that doesn’t make anything but sues those that do.

B.E.’s lawyer Robert Freitas told Business Insider the term patent troll is “silly” even though he acknowledged the company doesn’t make anything or licence its patents.

“This is a company that was formed by the inventor,” Freitas said, “and it’s a company that is enforcing patents that were issued to the inventor.”

Targeted ads aim to sell products to a specific audience.

Facebook recently rolled out a new advertising product that gives advertisers all manner of personal information about you, including where you went to school or where you work.

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