One-Fourth Of Facebook Users Feel That Ads Spoil Their Experience On The Site

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[STUDY] Facebook Ads Interfere With User Experience (ACSI) 
Thanks to its growing ad business, Facebook posted stellar quarterly financials yesterday, but some users are saying that those ads are ruining the user experience on the site. According to a study conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), 27% of Facebook users said ads interfere with their experience on the site. For comparison, 23% of LinkedIn users and 12% of Twitter users said ads interfere with their experience on those sites. Read >Facebook Releases Second Quarter Earnings (Facebook)

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Facebook now has 219 million mobile-only monthly active users, a 15.9% increase from the previous quarter according to the company’s second quarter results announced yesterday. What’s more, mobile advertising revenue now represents 41% or $656 million of Facebook’s quarterly ad revenues.

Read >Facebook Users Will Soon Be Able To Say Why They Hide A Piece Of Content (ABC News)
Facebook’s Product Manager for Ads Fidji Somo told ABC News that users can expect to see new menus and options in their Feed that let them tell Facebook if a piece of content is offensive or uninteresting to them. In doing so, advertisers will be able to know what type of content is disliked by users. Read >

The Evolution Of Facebook Over The Years (Forbes) 
From its early days as Thefacebook in 2004 to the introduction of the News Feed in 2006, the emergence of Timelines on profiles in 2011, to the launch of Graph Search in 2013. Take a tour of Facebook’s past >

YouTube Adds Embeddable Subscribe Buttons (Google)
Google has released a one-click Subscribe button, allowing users to subscribe to a company or individual’s channel without visiting its YouTube page. Read >

++ How To Add A YouTube Subscribe Button To Your Site 
Google has made it really easy to add a YouTube Subscribe button to a webpage. Simply go to the developer site, enter the name of your YouTube channel and grab the code provided to you. Read >

Twitter Fakes Real Users’ Tweets To Promote Ad Platform (SFGate) 
In a blog post promoting its new ad platform, Twitter displayed tweets from users raving about TV commercials. Although the users turned out to be real people, the tweets were falsely attributed to them. Needless to say, users were not pleased. Read >

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