Facebook adds video calling to Messenger, throws shade at Apple

Facebook has just added video calling to its Messenger chat app, so you can see the person you’re talking to from mobile device to mobile device, according to a press release.

To get started, just click the video button:

Facebook messenger video callFacebookVideo calling in Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android.

Unlike Apple’s FaceTime, it works across both iOS and Android devices.

It’s that last part that Facebook really wants to make sure you know. A lot of Messenger’s 600 million-plus claimed users already make voice calls in the app — Facebook says that 10% of Internet phone calls made from a smartphone are done via Messenger.

Now, Facebook is moving to take on Apple’s de facto gold standard in video calling by adding the same feature to its own app. It’s worth noting, though, that Facebook Messenger video calling won’t work on desktop or laptop computers, which is something that you can do from an Apple Mac.

Facebook has been aggressively building out its Messenger app, adding features like mobile payments, shopping, and a slew of other features made by outside developers.

Adding video calling is just another way to get you to spend more time in the Messenger app, and therefore more time on Facebook.

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