Check Out What Facebook's Ad Sales Deck Looked Liked Way Back In 2005

Facebook turned 10 earlier this year. With over 1 billion users, it offers advertisers access to an enormous audience that spends more than 6 hours and 35 minutes on the site per month. Every day, Facebook users make 3.2 billion “comments” or “likes.” 

But it didn’t always have that kind of reach. 

Kevin Colleran, current General Catalyst partner and one of Facebook’s original 10 employees, and its first advertising salesperson, tweeted out a Facebook advertising sales deck from 2005. Back then, “TheFacebook” had only 1.9 million monthly users. Nonetheless, it was still able to charge a $US7 CPM (cost per thousand views), which isn’t bad. Take a look:

This was back in the day when Facebook was called TheFaceBook and was only available to college students:

For reference, Facebook now has upwards of 864 million unique daily active users:

Because TheFaceBook was just for college kids, listing course information was a big feature:

Forget college kids: Facebook now reaches 1 billion monthly active users around the world:

Advertisers were charged a $7 CPM.

Here's what Facebook ads used to look like:

Here's what Facebook ads look like now:

Back in 2005, the NewsFeed didn't exist, so all ads would either be banners or text 'announcements':

Now, ads also get inserted into your feed:

Here's how Facebook pitched Starbucks in particular:

Today, ad impressions costs about $0.25 per 1,000:

Now, for another blast from the past...

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