Check Out The Creepy Technology Facebook Is Paying ~ $100 Million To Have


Photo: iTunes

Facebook is reportedly purchasing for $100 million to obtain its photo facial recognition technology and its high-featured camera app called KLIK.KLIK is a mobile camera that operates a lot like Instagram with photo filters and social sharing features.

But it’s smarter; it can recognise people in the photos without users having to tag them. Users simply connect KLIK to their Facebook accounts and its facial recognition technology does the rest. There’s also a geolocation feature that allows users to tag where they are with friends.

You may never go unnoticed in photos again.

We took some time to explore the app. Here’s how it works.

Tap to start the app

Tap the blue button to connect it to Facebook

It gives you a bunch of disclaimers -- agree to them

Enabling location services makes the app much more useful -- you'll see why in a moment

The shutter opens to show you your face -- a moment later, the software identifies you based on your Facebook photos. Tap the green button to take a picture

Now you can select an Instagram-like filter to stylize your image

KLIK will automatically add the name of the people in the photo and save the picture to your Photo Roll. You can share the picture via email, Twitter, or Facebook using the buttons below

KLIK gives you a final look at your photo...

...and then returns you to an in-app photo roll

For more ways to use mobile technology:

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