New Details On The Goldman Sachs Mystery Laptop

laptop ladyNancy Cohen, owner of Fab’s old computer.

Photo: CNN

A few weeks ago the New York Times published a story about a mystery laptop that revealed details suggesting that Fabrice Tourre was not the only Goldman Sachs employee responsible for the Abacus mess.Tourre, of course, was the lone trader prosecuted for creating and selling shoddy mortgage securities in the lead-up to the financial crisis.

The NYT story implied that Tourre’s defence¬†is that he was part of a close-knit team, all of whom built and sold the deals, and they were all as guilty as each other.

The Times said it got the details about Tourre’s defence from a laptop owned by a woman called Nancy Cohen. Instantly, the laptop became the most talked about item in the story.

fabrice tourre laptop4937 unread messages.

Photo: CNN Video

Cohen says a friend of hers found it in the garbage can and thought Cohen, a artist and filmmaker who also goes by Nancy Kahn, might find something interesting on it.

It turns out that the laptop — which has a red heart sticker on it and is a Sony¬† — belonged to Tourre. Goldman Sachs told CNN it was his personal computer, not his work computer.

fab laptopLook at the heart!

Photo: CNN

Cohen told CNN she had the laptop four years before she recognised Tourre’s name from all the news coverage:I turned on the laptop and the name was there… on the screen.

She then passed along the hard drive to the New York Times. Why?

I didn’t like the fact the fact that one person was being blamed for everything. That never makes sense.

He’s only 30. How many mistakes can you make by 30?

Cohen said she wasn’t paid by the Times for the materials, and has since deleted all the emails.

See the clip from CNN, via Real Clear Politics, below:

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