Fab.com Is Poised To Become The 'Ikea Of Fashion'

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Fab.com now boasts more than 10 million members. That’s an impressive feat for the design-based social shopping site, which went live in 2011. 

Because Fab prides itself on making fashion accessible to the masses, its the “Ikea of fashion,” writes Kerry Folan at Racked.com

The two businesses have many similarities. Both are focused on a clean design aesthetic and offering products that are affordable to everyone. 

Bradford Shelhammer, Fab.com’s co-founder, told Racked about his company’s philosophy, which isn’t about selling heavily-marked down designer gear. 

“We will not be selling, for example, last season’s Tory Burch inventory. That’s not Fab,” Shelhammer said “In many ways, we’re doing for fashion what we did for home and product design—we’re making it more accessible to everyone. We’re reinventing the way people discover fashion and at the same time creating a marketplace for indie designers. It’s the democratization of fashion and it’s a very a big deal.”

Sales in the fourth quarter were up five-fold from a year earlier, a huge jump, Mashable reported

While Fab doesn’t have the brick-and-mortar presence of Ikea, it’s definitely a leader in the democratization of fashion. 

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