Fab.com Hitting 500,000 Users After Just 2 Months

jason goldberg

Fab.com, an Ashton Kutcher-backed flash sales site for home decor, is on a tear.

It’s on track to hit 500,000 users just two months after launch and is the self-proclaimed “fastest growing flash site in the US.”

The startup came out of the gate strong with 45,000 sign ups pre-launch. 

A few weeks in, founder Jason Goldberg told us it was gaining 4,000 users per day.

Fab.com has been a viral success, in part because of a clever invite scheme. When it launched, users could request an invite, then gain different levels of access based on how many of their friends joined.

Goldberg also ran a small batch of Facebook ads to gain initial traction. The ads targeted people who follow design blogs.

To further capitalise on its viral component, Fab.com launched a new feature today called the Inspiration Wall.  It’s like Pinterest, an online bulletin board; the wall lets people share what they’ve bought and explore design ideas. And of course, all of the ideas can be easily shared via social networks.