Fab Now Looks An Awful Lot Like Pinterest

jason goldberg

On the heels of its $40 million round announced last week, design flash sales site Fab has launched a new LiveFeed feature. It looks an awful lot like Pinterest, the massive photo sharing virtual pinboard site.

It makes Fab’s site even more social in a way other e-commerce companies aren’t currently doing. Andreessen Horowitz’s Jeff Jordan led both Fab’s $40 million financing and Pinterest’s $27 million, so it’s no coincidence that both design companies are sharing ideas.

Fab’s new feed captures all activity taking place on the site including purchasing, sharing, commenting, and more. It’s a unique way to see what others are doing and buying on the site.

LiveFeed is just one feature of Fab. The rest of the site and the buying experience is the same as always.

Here’s what Fab’s new feed looks like:

fab feed

And here’s what Pinterest’s page looks like: