Fab.com's CEO Is Getting Married To His Boyfriend

Christian Schoenherr and Jason GoldbergChristian Schoenherr and Jason Goldberg are soon to wed.

Photo: Jason Goldberg

It’s been a great summer for Fab.com CEO Jason Goldberg.Last week, he raised $105 million for his company, which sells curated designer goods online at a discount.

And Friday morning, he and his boyfriend, Christian Schoenherr, went to New York’s City Hall and picked up a marriage licence.

They are set to get married on August 18, according to the couple’s WeddingChannel page. (They’re registered at Sur La Table.)

As recently as last year, they wouldn’t have been able to get married. New York only legalized same-sex marriage in June 2011.

Before Fab.com switched to its current business model—one where it’s been doing phenomenally well—it ran a gay social network. Goldberg cited growing mainstream acceptance of gays in society as a reason for dropping the original plan.

Now he and Schoenherr are a living example of that acceptance. And Goldberg remains a major inspiration to other gay entrepreneurs.

Congratulations, Jason and Christian!

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