On Monday Fab Said It Had 1.7 Million Users, Today It Has 2 Million


We spoke with Fab’s COO Beth Ferreira on Monday. We asked how many users Fab had and if the 1.7 million number was still accurate (co-founder Jason Goldberg told us on January 8 that the site had 1.65 million users).

She replied, “Yes!”

Then we joked how hard it is to keep up with Fab’s numbers because every day they’re outdated. Users are signing up by the thousands.

Today, Fab announced a new big milestone, 2 million members.

Is it possible the site got 300,000 new users in two days? They’ve been growing fast, but probably not that fast.  Although TechStars NYC associate Justin Overdorff did tweet at us, “Not surprising, I referred three users this week.  Social shopping added with referral credits program equals awesome viral coefficient.”

And Fab replied to our inquiry by saying “We are growing very quickly.”

What’s more likely though is that the numbers were fudged a bit to hold off for today’s milestone announcement. Either way, that’s great work on behalf of the company.

Now that it has crossed the 2 million mark, Fab has done away with the invite-only approach and opened its doors to all shoppers. In addition, Fab has launched a new feature, Shops, and begun to plan for world domination. 

Shops is a way to browse by category.  If you want to find items for pets instead of jewelry, you can do that now on Fab.

In a matter of days, Fab will be launching in Canada.  It says it will be in Europe very soon. Think Berlin, Brussels and Paris, where founders Jason Goldberg and Branford Shellhammer were recently travelling.