Check Out The $1 Trillion Fighter Plane Being Promoted With A 30-Second Youtube Music Video

Lockheed Martin debuted a new website for its $1 trillion toy, the F-35 fighter jet.

As’s Danger Room blog notes, there is a music video accompanying the site.

The first thing that bombards you when you load it: a multi-gender, multi-racial band of Fort Worth youth vowing “I’ll go anywhere/I’ll do anything,” presumably singing from the perspective of a Joint Strike Hipster.

The glasses! The hoodies! The sweater vests! The F-35 stickers on the guitar case next to the fraying Nirvana and “Keep Austin Weird” decals!

We just went to the site and the video doesn’t start playing right away. But you can watch it below, along with another fanmade clip of the plane doing awesome stuff in the air. Because, you know, that is awesome.

(If you’re really interested in this, you can also fly the plane. This is the best plane-related website we’ve ever been on. It’s also the first.)

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