This Insane Formula One Steering Wheel Makes an XBOX Controller Look Like A Baby Toy

The Sauber Formula One (F1) racing team posted the image below of their C32-Ferrari’s steering wheel to their Google+ page.

In all, there appears to be 35 buttons, dials, and levers that control dozens of functions. In addition there are numerous LED lights and a digital readout.

Oh yeah, and the driver has to control all of these functions while travelling 150 mph in traffic.

According to Sauber, the most used controls are the downshift/upshift levers (left and right sides), which are used 2,750 times in an average race and as many as 4,270 times during the Singapore race (click on image for a larger view)…

Formula One Steering wheel

And here is what the Sauber┬áC32-Ferrari looks like on the course…

Sauber Formula One

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