The US Used F-22 Stealth Fighter Jets In Combat For The First Time Ever Last Night

The US Air Force’s F-22 fifth-generation stealth fighter jets were used in their first ever combat mission during airstrikes against Syria, Julian E. Barnes and Dion Nissenbaum report for The Wall Street Journal.

The F-22, America’s most advanced aircraft, was likely used due to the aircraft’s high manoeuvrability and the sophistication of Syria’s air defence system (which is being bolstered by the Iranians).

“Because of its speed and ability to fly at high altitudes, the F-22 can drop guided bombs from much further away than F/A-18s or F-16 fighter planes,” WSJ reports. “According to the Air Force, the F-22 can drop a 1,000-pound guided bomb from 15 miles away from the target.”

The F-22 was a natural choice of aircraft for carrying out the bombing run in Syria. The plane is technically a fifth-generation fighter, meaning that it is a stealth jet that can take part in a range of multi-role activities.

David Cenciotti at The Aviationist has everything you need to know about the F-22.

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