EzyFlix.tv tries an Australian spoiler campaign against Stan and Netflix

Better Call Saul will be on Stan first in Australia. Picture: Sony

Small player EzyFlix.tv has launched a spoiler against the new local media streaming company Stan, a $100 million joint venture between Nine Entertainment and Fairfax Media.

From today EzyFlix.tv is selling a season pass to the Breaking Bad spin off, Better Call Saul, at $10 for all 10 episodes.

Stan is in the middle of its 30-day free trial launch period, with Better Call Saul as its flagship program. Stan has the exclusive rights to stream in Australia as soon as it’s shown in the US.

EzyFlix.tv, which unlike subscription services Stan, Netflix and Quickflix, another Australian player, offers the right to buy or rent premium TV shows and first release movies.

Now, it’s offering Better Call Saul 24 hours after it’s been broadcast.

Craig White, CEO of Access Digital Entertainment, the company behind EzyFlix.tv, said to watch the same content on Stan would cost $30 and probably take the same amount of time given it’s likely to be shown over 10 weeks.

Netflix, the US giant in media streaming, launches in Australia at the end of March.

(Disclosure: Business Insider is published by Allure Media, which is 100% owned by Fairfax Media.)

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