This Weird Vision Test Also Tests Whether You're Losing Your Hearing

Most people know what to expect when they’re taking a vision test. The letters keep getting smaller, and you keep reading until you can’t anymore — kid’s stuff.

But there’s a new eye test that you really don’t want to pass:

The Union Hearing Aid centre asked DraftFCB Toronto to create a test that essentially tricks consumers into checking their hearing capabilities.

Viewers who happily made it through the video probably didn’t catch the shrill sound playing throughout the test, meaning it’s time to take a trip to the hearing doctor.

According to the campaign’s YouTube page:

People are for more ready to admit they need eyeglasses than to admit they might need a hearing aid, even though both eyesight and hearing naturally deteriorate with age. 

So how do you get people to test their ears? Pretend you’re testing their eyes.

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