NO PAIN, NO GAIN: Actors Who Have Undergone Extreme Body Changes For Films

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Anne Hathaway shaved her head and dropped 16 pounds on a detox diet for upcoming film “Les Miserables.” “This diet makes me break out, so I love that,” Hathaway joked to Allure. “Nothing like living on hummus and radishes and then be all, ‘And I got a pimple. Yeah!'”

The actress also told “Chelsea Lately” she became a vegetarian for “The Dark Knight Rises,” living off of kale and dust for training. 

And “Ted” star Mark Wahlberg recently revealed to E! he was eating nonstop to gain weight for his new movie, appropriately titled, “Pain and Gain.”

“I was eating 10 meals a day and drinking mass gainers,” said Wahlberg. “I was drinking my own. I created this line of supplements with GNC.”

Talk about excessive. However, Hathaway and Wahlberg aren’t the only celebrities who have undergone extreme measures to gain and lose weight for a role.

Plenty of stars have endured gruelling diets and workouts to be in tip top shape for their roles as superheroes, ballerinas, boxers and more. 

Portman was on a carrots and almond diet, working five to eight hours a day for a year to slim her already trim figure down for the lead role in Darren Aronofsky's 'Black Swan.'

The 31-year-old actress revealed to Entertainment Weekly the extent of her preparation for the role.

'There were some nights that I thought I literally was going to die,' Portman told EW. 'It was the first time I understood how you could get so wrapped up in a role that it could sort of take you down.'

After filming ended, the singer quickly returned to carbs as she announced a pregnancy with now husband, choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, who she met on set.

Though Portman is often cited as shrinking to an alarmingly small size for 'Black Swan,' Kunis did the same for her role in the Oscar-winning film, slimming down to 98 pounds.

Kunis was pretty vocal about her dismay with her shapeless body:

'I could see why this industry is so f----d up, because... I would literally look at myself in the mirror and I was like: 'Oh my God! I had no shape, no boobs, no a--...,'' she said. 'All you saw was the bone. I was like 'this looks gross.''

After filming the actress binged out at a Panda Express in JFK airport and an 'In and Out' after landing in Los Angeles. Kunis joked, 'It took me five months to lose 20 pounds, and it took me hours to gain it back!'

Christian Bale wasn't even asked by director Brad Anderson of 'The Machinist' to drop to a mere 122 pounds for the film. He told the BBC he wanted to do it all on his own.

'I was intrigued by a perverse nature of mine just to see if I can go beyond what I've been told is actually safe and OK, and see if I could push the limits,' Bale said.

Bale's daily diet consisted of consuming vitamins, running and eating an apple and can of tuna a day.

He then gained nearly 100 pounds, getting back up to 220 pounds in about five months to play the Caped Crusader in 'Batman Begins.'

'I will adjust for what is needed,' Bale told People. 'But only if I have quite an obsession about that role.'

Damon not only packed on the pounds for his role as the vice president-turned CIA informant, Mark Whitacre, but he had fun doing it.

'I definitely got doughy,' Damon told EW. 'I started eating like crazy and drinking dark beer. Between meals on set, I'd eat a No. 1 Value Meal at McDonald's and then Doritos on top of it. It was absolute heaven.'

Zellweger's weight has fluctuated back and forth for film roles. After gaining and then losing 20 lbs for 'Bridget Jones's Diary' and 'Chicago,' the actress was eager to gain the weight back for the 'Jones' sequel.

'I'm ready, willing and able,' Zellweger told the London Times. 'Bridget's a character I really identify with. I'll put the weight back on with pleasure.'

Zellweger began eating 4,000 calories a day to gain the weight.

Tom Hanks has lost and gained weight for a few roles; however, most prominent was his 55 pound weight loss for 2000's 'Castaway.'

Hanks told Entertainment Weekly what he missed most during his extreme diet.

''Oh, those FFs, man. Those fries from France…,' said Hanks. 'The only thing I did not give up was coffee.... Nope, wasn't about to!'

Hanks had previously gained 30 pounds for the role of Jimmy Dugan in 1992's 'A League of Their Own' and subsequently lost 26 pounds to play AIDS-stricken Andrew Beckett in 'Philadelphia.'

Scarlett Johansson slimmed down to fit into the Black Widow catsuit.

Scarlett Johansson told People how hard she trained for her role as Black Widow in 'Iron Man 2.'

'It was many, many, hours, days, and months of stunt training and strength training, but it's fun because I had a goal. The goal was the Lycra catsuit.'

D'Onofrio holds the record for gaining the most weight for a role after he put on 70 pounds for Stanley Kubrick's 1987 film 'Full Metal Jacket.'

The actor also gained 45 pounds for the 2002 movie, 'The Salton Sea.'

Paltrow may have played Pepper Potts in the 'Iron Man' franchise, but she still had to bulk up for her role.

'My trainer, Tracy Anderson, basically, like, pummelled me into submission and made me do all kinds of crazy things,' Paltrow told 'She really changed my body for this movie.'

She then was on a diet of fried chicken and alcohol to put on 20 pounds to play Kelly Canter in 'Country Strong.'

'The director, Shana Feste, didn't want me to have any definition whatsoever, so I had to stop working out,' Paltrow told Harper's Bazaar. '… I've never eaten so much fried food and white flour in my life, ever.'

After filming ended, she lost the weight right away, according to her trainer, Anderson.

Hillary Swank consumed 210 grams of protein every day for 90 days while training for 'Million Dollar Baby.'

'My training was two and a half hours of boxing and approximately an hour and a half to two hours lifting weights every day, six days a week,' Swank told 'The producers asked me to gain 10 pounds of muscle. I gained 19 pounds of muscle. I started at 110 and went to 129. I would drink my egg whites because I could never eat 8 to 12 egg whites in a sitting. It's just the worst thing ever.'

According to IMDB, after reading the autobiography of Jake LaMotta while filming 'The Godfather: Part II, De Niro convinced Martin Scorsese to get on board for 'Raging Bull.'

De Niro prepared with LaMotta himself, prepping with extreme training and entering in three Brooklyn boxing matches--two of which he won.

Moore worked with an ex-seal personal trainer, Scott Helvenston, to sustain the toll the film would take on her body. Her diet was a high-protein, high-calorie one restricted to protein including chicken breast and salmon and vegetables of spinach and broccoli.

According to People, The actress told Harper's Bazaar she spent two hours a day pumping iron.

'I just wanted to be believable,' said Moore.

Moore's extensive training allowed the actress to perform one-arm push-ups in the film.

Bonus: Leonardo DiCaprio gained ZERO weight for his titular role in J. Edgar.

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