Americans Are Starting To Make The Connection Between Crazy Weather And Climate Change


The recent torrent of wacky weather, including monster tornadoes, historic droughts and record-breaking temperatures may have devastating repercussions on the planet, but it’s also helping to change public concern about climate change, at least for the time being.  

Jon Krosnick, a professor at Stanford University who researches energy and public opinion on climate, found that among the 30 per cent of people who have low confidence in scientists, belief in global warming “goes up and down each year in step with how bad or extreme the weather was in the previous year,” ABC News’ Bill Blakemore reports.  

Denialist campaigns, on the other hand, had little impact on “swing voters” in climate polls, Krosnick says.   

Krosnick’s findings are in line with the results of a new poll reported by The New York Times, which revealed that a vast majority of Americans believe weather extremes over the past few years are linked to global warming

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