The "Extreme Tailgating Bus" Is Your Must-Have Football Party Accessory

Tailgating fans, behold — This is the ultimate in outdoor party throwing. “The Extreme Tailgating Bus”:

extreme tailgaiting bus

Photo: ImagiMotive

This custom-built party bus is the work of Imagi Motive, a Texas company that will pimp out any ride to enhance your outdoor fun experience. They’ll jack up SUVs, motor homes, and even your humble pickup truck with bars, grills, TVs, and all the other accoutrements of a mobile party vehicle.

This “Extreme Bus” may be their finest work, however. The bus includes hydraulic gull wing doors that open up the fully stocked kitchen for mobile grilling and meat smoking, a dual keg system with beer taps, a full bar, three big screen TVs with satellite hookup, plus all the other comforts of a modern mobile home.

And best of all, it’s got a fully rebuilt engine that will carry you to any all road games, making you the star of any tailgate party you can find.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, but for the right price, Imagi Motive can build any tailgate machine that you can dream up. As long at it’s street legal.

(link via Tailgate Lot via The Big Lead)

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