6 Extreme Photos Of Modern Day Explorers In The Wild

National Geographic App

Photo: Photo by Lynsey Dyer/National Geographic

Have you ever jumped off a cliff? Walked on lava? Sledded through snow drifts up to your knees? Well, there are people out there who have. And there are pictures to prove it.

National Geographic‘s “Greatest Stories Ever Told” app (available on iTunes) features photographs of some of the some of the boldest adventurers in the world in action.

They’ve been kind enough to share a few highlights with us.

Leaping from Half Dome or anywhere else in Yosemite has been illegal since 1980, but the sport of BASE jumping from the Valley's cliffs is soaring in popularity. Many jumpers call El Cap the birthplace of the sport.

The Blue Holes of the Bahamas yield a scientific trove that may even shed light on life beyond earth. If only they weren't so dangerous to explore.

In Garbage Hole on Grand Bahama, Kenny Broad squirms through a narrow passage, spooling out a guideline for a safe return. For many cave divers, entering a previously unexplored area is like finding the holy grail.

In a sea of sunlight and drifting snow, huskies awaited their handler's call on the first leg of the traverse. Because dogs were banned from the continent after April 1, 1994, the TAE stands as Antarctica's last dogsled expedition.

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