The Incredible Toys Of Seattle Seahawks Owner And Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen

Paul allenTom Pennington / Getty ImagesMicrosoft cofounder Paul Allen.

With an estimated net worth of $US17 billion, Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen can afford to buy himself some fancy toys.

But with interests that range from electric guitars to World War II aircraft, Allen takes expensive hobbies to a whole new level.

He also happens to own the Seattle Seahawks, who will be playing for their second consecutive Super Bowl win this weekend.

We’ve rounded up some of the billionaire’s most ridiculous toys, from professional sports teams to submarines.

Sports are a major passion of Allen's -- he's a part owner of the Seattle Sounders, and he bought the Portland Trail Blazers in 1988 and the Seattle Seahawks in 1997.

After the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014, Allen threw a massive party that featured live performances from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, as well as a set by Allen himself. After the party, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told the Washington Post: 'Paul was hot last night, he was tearing it up -- big licks. He had a lot of notable artists with him, too, playing. He's got a great roster also. They sounded great ... I think Paul picked up the bill, too.'

His Seahawks will get another chance at a championship when they head to the Super Bowl this Sunday. 'The first time you go you're kind of amazed to be there,' he told the Seattle Times. 'The thing is, once you're in the Super Bowl, you want to win. As time goes on, you want to win more and more.' It seems like he's ready for the post-game celebrations -- he reportedly had a custom amplifier made just for the occasion, with knobs that go all the way to 12.

Allen loves rock 'n' roll. An expert guitarist, he pays a band to travel with him so he can jam whenever he wants. He owns a number of valuable guitars, including some previously used by Woody Guthrie and Jimi Hendrix.

Source: 60 Minutes

In May, Allen showed off his skills at a celebrity-packed party he threw on his 414-foot yacht, 'Octopus.'

On New Year's Eve, Allen tweeted a photo of him aboard Octopus. 'A Very happy new year to everyone from Sydney, Australia!' he wrote.

Allen owns a second yacht called 'Tatoosh,' a 313-foot watercraft that can accommodate up to 20 guests and 30 crew members. It also has a swimming pool, cinema, basketball court, recording studio, and two helicopter pads.

He also has a collection of vintage war planes that's rumoured to be worth millions of dollars. He houses the planes in a museum called the Flying Heritage Collection, based in a hangar in Everett, Washington.

One plane in his collection is the MiG-29 Fulcrum, which was created by the Soviet Union's Mikoyan Design Bureau to challenge American fighter pilots in the 1970s.

In September, Allen filed suit when a Panzer IV tank he won at auction was never delivered into his possession. Allen reportedly paid $2.5 million for the rare German tank.

Allen is also known for his impressive real estate portfolio. In addition to vacation homes in London, France, and New York, he makes his primary residence in a 10,000-square-foot waterfront home on Mercer Island, a ritzy enclave of Seattle. He owns a total of nine mansions on the island, including one that's just for his mother and another that houses a full-size basketball court, swimming pool, and fitness center.

He gave '60 Minutes' a peek at the pool area during a segment that aired in 2011.

Source: 60 Minutes

In 1997, Allen bought a 12,952-square-foot Mediterranean-style home in Beverly Hills, California. Among its ridiculous amenities is a funicular that shuttles guests from the pool deck to a tennis court located on a lower part of the property.

He also owns a 10-acre property in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Known as the 'Thurston Estate,' the property has a private harbour and boat shed.

Allen stocks his many homes with amazing works of art. Among the Microsoft billionaire's collection are works by Monet, Rodin, Rothko, Damien Hirst, and Alexander Calder. In 2009, Forbes reported that his art collection was valued at a staggering $750 million.

Source: Forbes

Like his Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates, Allen purchased a Porsche 959 in the late '90s, but it was held up in customs for a time because it didn't yet meet EPA standards. Though Gates helped pass a law that eventually got him his car, Allen was frustrated and decided to ship his Porsche back to Europe, where he still drives it today. When in Seattle, Allen opts for a much more modest 1988 Mazda B-Series pickup truck.

When he heard his favourite Seattle movie theatre was going to be demolished, he decided to buy it. He refurbished the Cinerama with state-of-the-art sound and projection systems, including the world's first 4K laser projector.

Source: GeekWire

Allen created a museum dedicated to rock 'n' roll in 2000. He later dedicated a portion of the space to science fiction memorabilia, which includes pieces -- original pages from 'Dracula,' Jack Nicholson's ax in 'The Shining -- donated from his own personal collection.

In 2012, he opened the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, which he stocked with old computers that guests can play with. The computer includes early Apple and Microsoft models, as well as a 1960s PDP-7 that's the size of an office cubicle.

Source: AP

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