The most wildly extravagant homes people built around the world

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsSome homes are overly lavish.
  • Some homes around the world cost millions of dollars but struggle to find buyers because of their unique decor.
  • In Connecticut, there is a home that’s modelled after a castle – and it has its own moat.
  • Down in Florida, there is an overly grand mansion that was inspired by the Palace of Versailles.
  • Other wildly extravagant homes can be found in Los Angeles, China, and Indiana.

Not all mansions are created equal.

Though most mansions cost well into the millions, it doesn’t mean they’re desirable. Builders, architects, and homeowners all over the world have made some pretty questionable choices when building their dream homes.

From the hills of Los Angeles to a private island in China, these are some of the most stupidly extravagant homes in the world.

Playa Vista Isle is a mansion in Florida that was inspired by the Palace of Versailles.

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsPlaya Vista Isle is in Florida.

The mansion went on the market for $US159 million dollars but sold for $US42.5 million, making it one of the most expensive homes in the country.

The mansion sits on Florida’s famous strip of homes known as “Millionaires’ Mile,” adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean.

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsPlaya Vista Isle is one of the most expensive homes.

The home is nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway, giving it beautiful water views from every inch of its 5-acre property.

The home features 30,000 square feet of lavish decor and extravagant finishings.

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsInterior of the mansion.

The front door of the home is 12 feet high and made of 22-karat gold. The lavish decor continues inside the home where the staircase is made of South African marble.

The family room is lined with mahogany and even has a saltwater aquarium.

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsInside the home there is a movie theatre.

The family room also has a 3D television. But, the home’s real entertainment is in the 3D IMAX theatre which fits 18 people.

The lavish kitchen is made with mahogany wood and accented with gold leaf gilding.

Courtesy of Concierge AuctionsKitchen inside the mansion.

The three chandeliers are an added touch of grandeur.

In Malibu, California, there is another lavish home inspired by French architecture, which went on sale for $US135 million.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerMansion in the distance.

The lavish home has plenty of amenities, including a 155-foot infinity pool, two tennis courts, and a 10-car garage.

On the 5-acre property, there are 12 bedrooms and 24 full bathrooms.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerMain living room of the home.

In all, the home is 38,000 square feet large.

The home has its own sports complex, which houses a gym, a basketball court, and a boxing ring.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerSports complex in the home.

The home also has a sports lounge and bar for the more relaxed guests.

In China, one of the most expensive homes ever sold cost $US149 million, and it’s ridiculously lavish.

Courtesy of Sotheby’s International RealtyTaohuayuan in China.

The home cost a shocking 1,000,000,000 Chinese Yuan which is about $US149 million dollars. The official name of the estate – which sits on a private island – is Taohuayuan, and it translates to “Utopia.”

The home has 32 bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms.

Courtesy of Sotheby’s International RealtyInterior of Taohuayuan.

The house is a whopping 72,441 square feet and has 1,663 acres of land. Each brick of the house has been handcrafted.

The home’s real extravagance can best be seen in its landscaping.

Courtesy of Sotheby’s International RealtyGardens and pool of Taohuayuan.

The gardens are a knockoff of the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The grounds also have a swimming pool and multiple courtyards.

In Connecticut, there is an elaborate 20-room castle that has a moat, towers, and stone walls.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerChrismark Castle in Connecticut.

Chrismark Castle took seven years to construct and cost about $US4.1 million. The strangely detailed castle has 20 rooms, three floors, and an oversized garage.

Chrismark Castle’s kitchen is a circular homage to the castles found in Europe.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerKitchen of Chrismark Castle.

The kitchen has sweeping views of the castle’s 354-acres.

The gothic design flows throughout the house, even in the bedroom.

Courtesy of Coldwell BankerBedroom of Chrismark castle.

The home also houses a library, a pool, massage rooms, and 12 fireplaces.

A mansion in Bel Air was listed for $US250 million in 2017, making it the most expensive listing in the history of real estate in the US.

Photos Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky/BAM Luxury DevelopmentBel Air mansion.

The price was for good reason, though. The mansion has several floors, covering 38,000 square feet.

The home comes with a helicopter that was decommissioned from the ’80s show “Airwolf.”

Photos Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky/BAM Luxury DevelopmentHelicopter at Bel Air mansion.

The helicopter is not operational, but it is included in the listing price.

Inside the home, there’s also a giant, bedazzled sculpture of a camera that is valued at $US1 million.

Photos Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky/ BAM Luxury DevelopmentCamera in Bel Air mansion.

The Bel Air mansion is known for its eccentric and wildly expensive decor.

There’s also a VIP area.

Photos Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky/BAM Luxury DevelopmentBel Air mansion’s VIP space.

Yes, it’s roped off.

There’s also a game room with an entire wall of candy.

Photos Courtesy of Bruce Makowsky/BAM Luxury DevelopmentGame room in Bel Air mansion.

There was no design idea too expensive or too lavish for this home.

A mansion in Indiana has been dubbed “the ugliest house in America.”

Courtesy of True Blood Real EstateKessler mansion.

The house has been on the market several times over the years after the original owner, Jerry A. Hostetler, went to prison. The 29,500-square-foot home has been criticised for its unique, lavish furnishings.

Buyers have struggled to connect with the former owner’s design choices.

Courtesy of True Blood Real EstateFoyer in Kessler mansion.

ABC News called the home “unsellable” as it’s been on the market seven times in five years.

The designs are also matched with even weirder construction — like this bedroom.

Courtesy of True Blood Real EstateBedroom in Kessler mansion.

The home has been described as “a gaudy, enormous mansion featuring ballrooms, imported fountains, gargoyles, and a stone grotto hot tub” by Fast Company.

In some rooms, stone sculptures meet interesting and grandeur patterns that do not match.

Courtesy of True Blood Real EstateBedroom in Kessler home.

“The sheer plethora of patterns and textures jumbled together in each room makes it difficult to know where to rest your eyes,” Fast Company wrote about the house. “In some rooms, the oddly shaped windows and stained glass don’t appear to let in much actual light, and just about every room contains its own staircase. It can’t be easy to navigate a house cobbled together piece by piece as Hostetler bought up the different properties around him.”

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