One of Google Chrome's best features is coming to Microsoft's new web browser

Microsoft EdgeMicrosoftThe Edge browser on a Surface Pro.

Microsoft Edge, the replacement for Internet Explorer, could be about to get browser extensions after launching without them, according to a (now un-published) Microsoft website

The official release date for browser extensions is, according to Microsoft, sometime in early 2016 but the website shows that the company is working at an accelerated rate. 

Twitter user @h0x0d, who previously unearthed Microsoft’s PowerApps website, found a page that referenced extensions for Microsoft Edge. 

Microsoft has previously stated that it will be easy for extensions that already work on Chrome to work on Edge and early testers of the next Windows 10 build will be able to install them.  

Extensions, which are used by millions of people on Chrome and Apple’s Safari, can block adverts, save articles, add to-dos, and lots more besides

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