There’s a way to get Disney Plus for less than $4 a month if you sign up before September 2

‘The Mandalorian.’ Disney
  • Disney is offering Disney Plus, its upcoming Netflix competitor, at a discount for a limited time if you sign up for three years of it.
  • The offer allows you to sign up for Disney Plus for a three-year subscription for $US141, which amounts to less than $US4 a month.
  • That’s 33% of the original yearly price, which is $US70 (or $US7 per month, if you bill monthly).
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Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, is set to launch November 12 for $US7 a month or $US70 annually. That’s already a very competitive price. For reference, Netflix’s most popular plan is $US13 a month.

But there’s a way to get Disney Plus for even less money per month.

Disney is offering Disney Plus to new and old members of D23 – its official fan club, which includes a free tier – at a discount for a limited time.

The offer allows D23 members to sign up for a three-year Disney Plus subscription for $US47 per year ($US141 for three years). That’s 33% off the original yearly price and amounts to less than $US4 a month.

The offer is available to D23 “general,” “gold,” or “gold family” members from this Monday to next Monday, September 2. If you don’t already have a D23 membership, have no fear: You can sign up before September 2 for the free general membership and still be able to get the Disney Plus discount.

A bundle with Disney Plus, Hulu (with commercials), and ESPN Plus will also be available on November 12 for $US13 a month.

Disney Plus is set to eventually include, among other things, eight original Marvel TV series and four “Star Wars” shows. The first live-action “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian,” will be available to stream at launch, in addition to the entire “Star Wars” film saga, Disney’s library of animated classics, and the first 30 seasons of “The Simpsons,” which Disney acquired in the Fox merger.

Here are your three options for getting a Disney Plus subscription:

  • Monthly: $US7
  • Yearly: $US70 ($US5.83 a month)
  • Three-year (until September 2): $US141 ($US3.92 a month)

Note: The D23 website crashed on Tuesday, apparently due to high demand for this Disney Plus deal.