A bus exploded while driving across a London bridge but there is nothing to worry about

A bus exploded while driving across a bridge in central London and freaked everyone out on social media.

However, City of London officials had to reassure the public that there was nothing to worry about because it was a movie stunt for “The Foreigner,” starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. Associated Press reported that the Port of London Authority said Lambeth Bridge had been closed to the public prior to the stunt.

This is what the explosion looked like, as posted by Lambeth Fire Brigade on Twitter:

For those who didn’t know it was a stunt, the explosion would have caused great concern amongst locals — especially since there was an attack on London’s transport system that killed 52 civilians 10 years ago.

However, the Marine Policing Unit also posted a statement on Twitter to make sure people were not scared of the explosion:

 But it looks like even the national police helicopter unit for the South East may have been duped by the stunt:

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