Experts Say It Would Be Hard To Use A Stolen Passport To Enter Australia

Security experts say it would be hard to enter Australia with a stolen passport (Photo: Getty)

Security experts have spoken to David Wroe at Fairfax, explaining it would be nearly impossible to use a stolen passport to enter Australia.

Two passengers boarded a Malaysian Airlines jet that has now been missing for more than four days using stolen passports.

Authorities say the two men, reportedly from Iran, have no terror links. But the issue of stolen documents has been canvassed in the news repeatedly since the plane went missing.

“I am very confident Australian officials would have picked up the fact that these were fraudulent passports. I think they would have been caught long before they got on the plane,” said security expert Carl Ungerer.

Ungerer’s opinion is echoed by several more experts who say Australia’s combination of intelligence databases, trained border protection staff and stringent visa application processes would prevent most passengers using stolen documents from entering the country.

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