Expert Network Gerson Lehrman Sells Stake: $875 Million Valuation

How much is a great Rolodex worth? About $875 million. We hear that’s what NYC consultancy Gerson Lehrman Group has been valued at in their latest round, led by VC heavyweights Silver Lake. UPDATE: NYT reports GLG sold 25% of the company to Silver Lake.

Who’s Gerson Lehrman? They’re Wall Street’s fastest growing independent research firm–and they don’t even provide “research” per se.  They connect hedge funds and other investing pros with industry experts — doctors, for example — and let them pick their brains via phone interviews at a very steep rate. The average consultation costs about $1,000 an hour, and GLG keeps most of that. Some big investors pay Gerson more than $500,000 a year.

We don’t have revenue estimates — a very rough guess puts them in the $300+ million range — and it’s certainly a profitable company. GLG is 9 years old, so it’s tough to call them New York City’s most valuable startup. Why don’t we settle for: “Most valuable NYC company no one outside of Wall Street has ever heard of?”

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