Another Primary Global Expert Pleads Guilty To Insider Trading

Shadow Silhouette

Another expert network employee has plead guilty in the FBI’s insider trading probe.

His name is Bob Nguyen and he worked for Primary Global Research. Before now his name has not been mentioned in connection to the investigation.

We contacted Primary Global Research (PGR) – the expert network for which every single arrestee in this case has worked – and the company has no comment about Nguyen.

We also don’t know which public companies he traded information on yet.

Nguyen told a Manhattan court he knew he was breaking the law because he’d previously worked at a public company in which workers were forbidden from disclosing material, non-public information.

According to his profile on PGR, Nguyen was a Semiconductor Vertical Manager at the firm. “In that capacity Bob does primary research in semiconductor stocks.” Before that he worked for National Semiconductor where he did marketing for power management products.

He has a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Davis and likes “hiking and recreationally playing ultimate frisbee.”

Archives on PGR’s site have Nguyen posting blog entries about tech companies such Apple – specifically about the iPhone – and RIM’s BlackBerry “Storm.”

Here are the details:

  • Nguyen, who is 32, worked for the expert network firm between January 2008 and February 2010.
  • His main role was to “solicit employees of companies to become paid consultants for the expert network.”
  • Nguyen told the court that one of the goals of the expert network was to recruit current employees of public companies as experts who would provide material, nonpublic information about their companies, including info about the company’s revenues, to clients of the firm.
  • Nguyen also obtained material, nonpublic information from the expert network directly, and passed that information along to the company’s clients. He also “facilitated meetings and phone calls between Firm Consultants and Firm Clients knowing that material, nonpublic information would be disclosed.”
  • He tipped money managers, including hedge funds, who execute securities transactions based on the information.

Nguyen is from Stockton, California.

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