Experience: Eight Years As President Of The United States

After his time in the White House is up, the President leaves Washington with an interesting line or two in his resume:

President of the United States

(Activities: Oversaw the administration of the entire country, made war, lied to the American people,  napped…)

Anyways, so what does one do with these eight years of uncommon experience? Anything he wants, apparently.

ABC News: Bill Clinton is not the only former president to continue working after his days in the White House were up. So what kind of post-White House jobs can they expect with “ex-president” on the resume?

Back in the 1850s, the prospects looked dim for President Franklin Pierce, who once said, “After the White House, what is there to do but drink?”

Clinton has managed to find a gig or two. Since leaving office, he has made more than $50 million in speaking fees alone.

Ronald Reagan used his ex-president status to make $2 million for a speaking trip to Japan.

George H.W. Bush has given $100,000 speeches.

Allan Lichtman, professor of history at the American University, told “Good Morning America” it is little wonder they are paid so well.

“You want someone who can draw a crowd and has prestige and a following,” he said. “Who has more prestige than an ex-president?”

And if you’re worried about Bushie finding a job in this tough economy, you should be happy to know that he’s getting a pension like every former president.

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