A beauty brand is selling a $25,000 makeup brush made of white gold and covered in diamonds

ArtisThe brushes are available in three different styles.
  • Beauty brand Artis is selling $US25,000 versions of its popular Elite Mirror Oval 7 makeup brush, which normally retails for $US62.
  • Each brush features a white-gold plated handle, which can be engraved on one side and features an array of diamonds or rubies on the other.
  • The purchase of a brush also includes a custom brush case, special care kit, optional insurance, and seasonal makeup training from an Artis representative.
  • The limited-edition brushes will only be sold during the 2018 holiday season.

Makeup brushes are generally an easy and inexpensive gift choice, but shoppers can expect to see a few more luxury options than they typically would during this holiday season.

Beauty brand Artis is selling $US25,000 Artis Bespoke makeup brushes, which can be used to apply any liquid, cream, or powder product. Each brush features a white-gold plated handle, which can be engraved on one side with any phrase, and features an array of diamonds or rubies on the other.

The brushes are being sold in three styles – Artis Bespoke Ruby, Artis Bespoke Black Diamond, and Artis Bespoke White Diamond – and were “designed for those who recognise the beauty in creating a precious expression of art,” according to the Artis website.

Artis bespokeArtisThis brush features black diamonds.

Customers who purchase a brush from the Bespoke line will receive some additional products and services, such as a custom brush case and a special care kit.

To make sure that the brushes stay clean and intact, the brand offers optional insurance for each brush, a support phone number and email address which directly handle issues with the Bespoke line, and brush servicing.

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The $US25,000 purchase also comes with the option to receive seasonal makeup training, either in person or over FaceTime, from the Artis Artistry & Training Lead Lindsey Jackson, and downloadable info about makeup trends.

Bespoke brush 2ArtisThis brush features an array of rubies.

Despite being introduced for the holidays, the brushes aren’t completely new to the Artis brand. The Bespoke line is modelled after the brand’s “most iconic and best-selling brush,” the Elite Mirror Oval 7.

Like the Bespoke brushes, the Elite Mirror Oval 7 brush is shaped like an oval, made from “CosmeFibre monofilaments,” and meant to fit “the size and shape of the apple of the cheek.” The original brush, however, retails for $US62 and does not feature any jewels.

Oval artis 2ArtisThe Elite Mirror Oval 7 brush is very similar to the Bespoke line.

The limited-edition Bespoke line is available for the 2018 holiday season, and can be purchased here.


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