The Outrageous Cost Of Living In Norway's Capital City

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is the new most expensive city in the world for expatriates.

The city topped a new list of pricey cities from ECA International, a global management consulting firm that calculates the cost of living based on prices of various day-to-day goods and services.

Prices for common goods in Oslo — like a cup of coffee or a quick lunch — are significantly higher than they are in New York, a city not exactly known for bargains.

However, New Yorkers still pay way more than Oslo residents when it comes to real estate with almost double the monthly rent.

In Oslo, a can of soda would cost you $3.43. In New York, it costs $1.64.

A man's suit would set you back $855 in Oslo. In New York, a man's suit costs $687.

Buying a video game in Oslo costs $87, while in NYC it's closer to $60.

A flat screen TV in New York costs $690. In Oslo, you'd have to pay $910 for a flat screen.

A nice dinner for two in Oslo will cost a whopping $112. In New York, it would only cost $66.

Coffee is Oslo is much more expensive than New York: In Oslo, coffee costs over $6 whereas New Yorkers pay around $4.

That $13.95 movie ticket in New York would set you back $18.76 in Oslo.

Grabbing beer at the bar? Your tab for a single brew would be $14.10 in Oslo, and only $8.38 in New York.

If you're picking up a dozen eggs at the grocery store, in Oslo you'd pay $8.39, double what it costs in New York!

The average pair of women's jeans in New York costs $79. In Oslo, those same jeans run for $176.

Monthly utilities like electricity, heating, and water cost Oslo residents $246 a month, whereas New Yorkers only pay $120 a month on average.

Source: Numbeo

But New York is way pricier when it comes to real estate: The average monthly rent for a one bedroom in the Oslo city centre is $1,565. In New York, it's $2,750.

Source: Numbeo

Oslo's not the only pricey city.

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