Australian Cities Dominate A List Of The World's Most Expensive Business Travel Destinations

International business travel is often a necessary part of remaining globally competitive, but paying for transportation, lodging, dining, and entertainment can be expensive for companies.

Concur, a provider of travel and expense management solutions for businesses, recently released their “Expense IQ Report,” which looks at the habits of business travellers.

To determine how businesses are spending money on travel, Concur processed US$50 billion in expense reports last year and used a variety of factors to rank the most expensive international cities for  business travellers.

Brisbane was the most expensive city, with an average spending cost of US$547.53 per person. Lodging in Brisbane alone costs an average of US$305 per night.

The sustained high Australian dollar would have had an impact on the outcome, although Brisbane was around 20% more expensive than No.10 on the list, Dubai, a gap that would still be yawning even with the AUD’s recent slide to US90c.

Other Australian cities, including Sydney (#3), Perth (#4), and Melbourne (#7), also made the top 10 list. 

London, which took the #5 spot with an average cost of US$516, also ranked as the #1 most visited international city by business travellers, proving that cost is no deterrent for business travel.

The list only looked at international cities, but had it included U.S. Cities, New York would have ranked ninth on the list, with an average spending cost of US$476.

Here are the  10 most expensive international cities for business travellers:

Most Expensive Cities For Int.'l Business Travel

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