New Expedia iPhone App Will Let You Find A Hotel Room In Walking Distance From Wherever You Are


We’ve long expressed our dismay at hotel iPhone apps since they never seem to do much aside from letting you a book a room on your phone, as opposed to your computer or calling the hotel in person.

But things have been looking up lately.

First, HotelTonight came on the scene offering a great way to get last-minute hotel rooms for a serious discount. And now, Expedia has a free iPhone and iPod app that will find you a hotel room within walking distance should you ever find yourself homeless for the night.

The app will also include an interactive map, hotel ratings, reviews ported over from TripAdvisor, hotel photos, amenities and directions to the hotel.

We tried to download the app today but it won’t be available for a few more weeks. However, it will be free and it will support 20 currencies worldwide.

Don’t have an iPhone or iPod to use this app? Expedia does have a mobile booking site so you can still book rooms via your phone without having to download the app.

In other Expedia news, we’re still waiting on the Expedia Rewards loyalty program. Hopefully the new app makes room for this.

This post originally appeared at HotelChatter.

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