Expect Windows 7 This Year Come Hell Or High Water


Is Microsoft (MSFT) rushing Windows 7 out the door?

So far, Microsoft still isn’t committing to a release date for Windows 7, under the idea that if any bugs are found the company wants to be able to fix them without the black eye of “missing” a date that was artificial to start with.

But at least one major bug was already found, and it didn’t change the timetable: In a beta test uproar over Windows 7 security, Microsoft said its fix was being bundled into a “release candidate” of Windows 7, not a “beta 2” — a sign Microsoft considers its security problems “solved” before anyone’s seen them. (Internet rumours claim the release candidate may have already been finalised.)

Now, in another sign Microsoft wants Windows 7 out the door (and the Vista disaster behind it), Windows testers are grumbling Microsoft is ignoring bug reports and change requests:

MS has all but abonadoned the beta testers. They are more focused on feedback from their partners and the public beta testers. Technical beta testers have been left out to dry. MS developers barely show up in the beta newsgroups except to announce surveys that are broken and chats where they, for the most part, explain to the BTs that the bugs that they filed wont be fixed or changed because it is to late, or they just don’t want to spend they time to do it…

There are tons of BT complaints about bugs closed as “Wont fix”, “External”, “By Design”. etc. Oh, and my favourite… “Not Reproducible”, with a comment of “please test it again in the next build”. “WHAT NEXT BUILD?” We have offically received 1… yes ONE build.

We take that report with a grain of salt — people love to complain on the Internet, geeky beta testers doubly so.

But even if the report is only half-true, it confirms that the thinking at Microsoft is to get Windows 7 out the door quick. At this point, we’d be shocked not to see Windows 7 PCs on sale for the 2009 holiday season.