Expat In Beijing Blogs About Husband's Arrest For Soliciting A Prostitute

chinese police

is one of the more transfixing things we’ve read in a while. The blog is Beijing Haze, and it’s being written by a woman in Beijing whose husband is in jail for allegedly soliciting a prostitute.

Some of it is mundane. Some of it is fascinating, like this description of her day on August 28th:

Head to bank to make large cash withdrawal for final instalment on bribe money. The teller counts out 10 stacks of 100 bills each and wraps them in paper strips. The highest denomination in China is 100 RMB or roughly $15.00. This may make sense for a country where around a third of the population makes under $2.50 per day, but it is not keeping up with the growing earning power of the middle class (estimated at 25,000 to 40,000 usd per year, depending on who you believe), or corrupt officials, for that matter.

Drop off documents express mailed to Wuhan and cash to be delivered to our inside guys. Key documents include fake medical record showing critical illness and letter from my husband’s father requesting his son be released to attend to him while still possible as well as a record from the local police station showing no criminal history. Find out they also need a certified and translated copy of marriage certificate.

Check out the whole blog, and get a better sense of how the legal/justice system works there.

(via Danwei)

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