Exotic Dancer Who Got Shot In The Stomach Loses Fight For Benefits


Photo: alexbcthompson via flickr

A 19-year-old exotic dancer who was shot while performing in South Carolina isn’t eligible to receive any kind of workers’ compensation benefits, according to the state appeals court.LeAndra Lewis performed at a variety of clubs but never signed a contract with L.B. Dynasty Inc., which owns the Boom Boom Room Studio 54 where she was shot, Courthouse News Service reported Monday.

The fact that she didn’t sign a contract meant she wasn’t eligible for benefits.

“She showed up unannounced, paid the club for the right to dance and receive tips from its customers, and kept almost all the money she received without paying any employment taxes,” appeals court Chief Judge John Few wrote in his opinion. “This arrangement left her free to walk out of the club at a moment’s notice without any employment-related consequences other than to lose income.” 

However, Judge Paul Short Jr. dissented, claiming that club set her rates and provided the equipment she needed to dance, meaning she was an employee.

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