Here's How Much Executives At The Red Cross Get Paid

We recently discussed how America continues to reflexively rely on the Red Cross to provide disaster relief despite mounting criticism of the organisation. 

As interest in the organisation grows, we looked into Red Cross’s financials to see what we could find.

In 2010, top executive compensation looked like this:

  • Executive director Gail McGovern made $561,210
  • EVP for biomedical services James Hrouda made $621,779
  • Biomedical services president Shaun Gilmore made $573,933

Here is the full compensation table, via Guidestar, from 2010 — a total of about $277 million:

red cross guidestar

Photo: Red Cross/Guidestar

  Mid-six figure seem like a lot, but it depends on who they’re being compared to: In some ways, you might think of them as a charity, but others might argue that they’re more akin to a large, complex organisation that competes with corporations for talent.

In 2010, the Red Cross finished its fiscal year with $4.2 billion in assets.

As far as 501(c)3s, that puts it on par with mega hospital networks, not goodwill organisations.

That’s a story in itself.

But keeping the focus on aid groups, if we look at compensation as a percentage of assets, we can get an idea of how well Red Cross executives were paid.

For the Red Cross, total executive compensation totaled 6.6 per cent of total assets.

In 2010, the Doctors Without Borders had assets of about $188 million.

Here’s how that group paid their execs — a total of $552,049:

compensation msf

Photo: Guidestar

Out of that $188 million asset base, the Salvation Army paid its execs an average of 0.003 per cent of that amount.

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