Exclusive: What The CNBC Anchors Were Doing During Bernanke's Testimony


Earlier today we launched a bit of investigative journalism into the important topic of what do the CNBC anchors do while the channel is showing hearings on Capitol Hill. Almost the entirety of CNBC 11 am program The Call was taken up by Ben Bernanke’s testimoney before a panel of Congressmen, with only the occassional interruption to remind us that hosts Melissa Francis and Larry Kudlow were still at the desk in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

We began the investigation by asking my well-placed sources sending out a question on Twitter. The responses were more entertaining than enlightening.

“they smoke green shoots and plan tomorrows wardrobe,” MorganO3 wrote.

“They Tweet!” cpindc tweeted. Very meta.

“I hope they do naughty things involving the parts we don’t see of them on TV :),” Ariane Sommer said.

“Anchors stand by in case there’s Palin Breaking News,” Fbonacci chimed in.

“it’s GE fool, they build aircraft engines,” thestreet.com video producer (and former CNBC producer) Bill McCandless said.

Fortunately, our investigation didn’t end at Twitter. We tapped a source deep within CNBC who told us what was really going on during the Bernanke hearing. So now we can reveal what the CNBC anchors were doing when off camera.

They were looking at charts from the St. Louis Fed.

Our source reports that Larry Kudlow was regaling the women of CNBC with his familiarity with FRED charts. No doubt they were madly searching for greenshoots in the collection of otherwise horrifying data.

So now you know.

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