Exclusive! Jakob Lodwick Uses E-Mail

In the wake of Jakob Lodwick’s departure from IAC’s Vimeo last Friday, there’s been endless speculation about why he and vice president Jonathan Marcus were let go. Neither Jakob or Jonathan are chatting about it right now, though we think that may change in the near future.

Meanwhile, in lieu of any real information, plenty of great tales are cropping up. Our favourite: Two weeks before Jakob was fired, he had written a memo to his Vimeo co-workers and IAC bosses, informing them that he was done reading or writing email, and that they had best use alternate methods if they wanted to reach him.

We love this story, both because it syncs well with Jakob’s techie-hipster-iconoclast image, and because we have a conflicted relationship with e-mail ourselves: We live/depend on it, but often feel that it makes communication less efficient, not more so. And that instead of saving us time it’s weighing us down.

Anyway. Jakob tell us (via e-mail) that it’s a fable. “I never actually stopped sending & receiving emails to coworkers, superiors, or anyone else,” he writes, then passes us along to former Connected Ventures co-worker Ricky Van Veen for “specifics of the inbox issue.” Adds Ricky: “Jake and I have talked about the idea of giving up email for some better form of communication in the past, but he never asked anybody to not email him or stopped using email.”

So there you go. One story debunked. Next?

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