EXCLUSIVE SURVEY RESULTS (CHARTS): In The Worst Economy Ever, People Are Quitting Their Jobs With Nothing Else Lined Up

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Photo: fromkey via flickr

Business Insider polled 225 people about job resignation in the past two years. Here are the surprising results.

Most of the people who took this survey were, indeed, those who had quit jobs recently (93%)

Most people who quit in the past two years have a college degree or higher

56% had no other job lined up when they quit

Most people who quit had been employed for 1+ years

63.4% are serial quitters, having quit 2+ jobs throughout their careers

Most people thought about quitting for months before they actually did

64% quit because they weren't happy and didn't like their jobs

The biggest fear about quitting was financial, followed by the down economy

41% found new jobs within a few weeks of quitting, although 29% are still unemployed

72% of job quitters are living off their savings

94% don't regret quitting

Sometimes, people quit to start their own companies. Read about one entrepreneur who did that recently:

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