Major Brawl Breaks Over A Girl At Super-Exclusive New York Club

New York Athletic Club

Photo: Patricia Drury on flickr

New York Times’ City Room blog reports that a brawl broke out in the early-morning hours of April 13 at the exclusive New York Athletic Club that saw three arrests.City Room links to an anonymous account posted on the WallStreetJackass blog describing the donnybrook as “the greatest fight I’ve ever seen.”

“Young people, old people, girls , members , non members, it was a nondiscriminatory ragematch,” he wrote.

The melee erupted at the club’s Tap Room bar. We’ll let Jackass take it from here.

“…it seemed to be about a girl. After about 30 seconds it was just threats being yelled. Anyway, probably two broken noses right off the back [sic], one dude knocked straight on his butt on the first punch, glasses thrown, broken glass everywhere , and all the tables turned over or shoved to the side, they were making their arena.”

A brief stoppage occurs when an anonymous fellow successfully breaks it up, girlfriend by his side.

But the interlude proved brief:

“…somebody knocked the guy’s girlfriend over and this kid laid one dude right out. So now the fight expanded to three groups, three wolfpacks. Girl got knocked over again.”

That appears to have been the climax, though a few more clubbers got clobbered before the police arrived.

Three men were arrested, according to City Room: Peter Doran, 28; Colin Drowica, 30; and Matt O’Grady, 31.

A Colin Drowica is listed as a director for Knight Capital, according to Bloomberg. An email sent to a Knight address in that name was not returned.

It costs $8,500 to join and more than $3,000 a year for a membership, according to the Times.

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