Exclusive: Lloyd Blankfein Stalks Goldman Sachs Trading Floor

lloydblankfeinflat tbi

Lloyd Blankfein is not just popular with Goldman shareholders. He’s very popular with his firm’s employees. Yesterday there was thrilled squirming and excited whispering as Lloyd Blankfein took something of a foot tour of one of the trading floors at Goldman Sachs.

“Lloyd Blankfein is standIng 10 feet from my desk,” one excited junior associate told a friend.

While it’s not rare to see Blankfein at 85 Broad Street, he is not often seen stalking the trading floors where so much of Goldman’s money is made. Blankfein rose up through the firm’s trading, rather than investment banking, practice.

So was Lloyd just touring the floor out of nostalgia? Was it just an attempt to boost morale? One employee speculated that Lloyd might have been telling some leaders of different groups at Goldman about the higher compensation news that was announced in today’s Wall Street Journal.

Goldman Sachs wasn’t reached for comment on this story because it’s like 7:30 in the morning. We still haven’t had our first cup of coffee, and we don’t make calls before coffee.

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