EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY: Book About Bloggers!

There was a blog book boom a couple of years ago, when ambitious literary agents were offering (smallish) contracts to anyone who’d written one of these new-fangled blogs. That didn’t work out so well.  Bloggy stuff, it turns out, doesn’t translate to paper and ink.

This has not dissuaded Michael A Banks from embarking on “Blogging Heroes: Interviews With 30 of the World’s Top Bloggers,” which goes on sale next week and is just what the title says it is. Here’s a taste, from an interview with Read/WriteWeb’s Richard MacManus:

Do you follow other blogs?
Yes, absolutely. I still follow blogs on Google Reader and on their own pages. Google Reader is my main RSS reader.

Want more? You’re in luck: John Wiley And Sons has given SAI three copies, and we’re willing to part with two of them (Dan Frommer’s keeping his). Just tell us, in 100 words or less, which blogger Q&A you’re most excited about reading in a hardcover book, and why: Perhaps you’d like to read Robert Scoble in the bathroom, for instance. We’ll publish your entries, and pick the two most amusing ones, next week. You can enter in the comments — make sure you supply us with your real email address — or if you insist, at [email protected]: include “blogging heroes” in the subject line.

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