11 Things Android Owners Like To Say To Make iPhone Users Jealous

samsung galaxy s iii s beam transfer

Android and iPhone are the two most popular smartphone platforms on the platform right now.

Each have their own benefits and drawbacks, but there are a few exclusive Android features that iPhone owners simply can’t take advantage of right now.

And Android owners love to show them off.

My screen is bigger.

I can add more storage with a SD card.

I can swap out my battery whenever I want to.

I can fully customise my home screen with any widget, app, or moving wallpaper.

My phone can double as a tablet.

My voice assistant (Google Now) is much better than Siri.

My maps app just works out of the box. You have to download one separately.

My phone seamlessly syncs with Gmail, Chrome, and all other Google services.

I can easily share photos and other content just by tapping my phone with another one.

I can use my phone as a virtual wallet to pay for stuff.

I can charge my phone with a standard USB charger. No need to dig around for that special iPhone 5 charger.

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