16 Examples Of Kevin Garnett's Insane Intensity

kevin garnett sneering

Kevin Garnett might be the most hated player in the NBA.

He talks trash, berates teammates, and illegally moves on roughly 80% of his screens.

But the intensity that rubs people the wrong way is also the reason he has been one of the best, most hard-working players in the league for more than a decade.

He made teammate Glen Davis cry by yelling at him during a game

Source: Yahoo!

Source: ESPN

He deleted Ray Allen's number from his phone when he joined the Heat

Source: Boston.com

He completely ignored Ray Allen when he tried to say hello

Source: BS Report

Or when he ignored a question after Game 5 against the Knicks and just started yelling

And when he freaked out after winning the NBA title

He does push-ups in the middle of games

He took a war metaphor way, way too far before a Game 7 in Minnesota

Source: ESPN

He gets so hyped up before games that he starts sweating profusely

And then bangs his head into the basket support

He once got into a fight with teammate Wally Szczerbiak because he criticised him during practice

Source: CBC

He once vulgarly berated 19-year-old rookie Nikoloz Tskitishvili for an entire game

Source: NYT

He once started sprinting back-and-forth during a practice when he was supposed to be resting

Source: ESPN

He mentally destroyed Carmelo Anthony in a game, leading to Melo confronting him in the parking lot

Source: TMZ

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