Ex-Yahoo Brad 'Peanut Butter' Garlinghouse Dumping iPhone For Palm Pre

brad garlinghouse

Palm (PALM) is launching its highly anticipated Pre smartphone this Saturday, June 6, at Sprint Nextel. Product-wise, it’s arguably the first legitimate competitor to Apple’s iPhone. And while Palm’s future depends on how much the mass market likes it, it’ll at least be interesting to see how many high-profile nerd-types drop their iPhones for the Pre.

So we’ll start the counter with ex-Yahoo exec Brad Garlinghouse, famous for his “peanut butter manifesto.”

Brad just tweeted: “it’s official – I’m fired up to dump AT&T and the iPhone (more AT&T than iPhone) and try the Palm Pre!”

Photo: Mitch Aidelbaum via Flickr

brad garlinghouse tweet

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